IRGIB Africa

Institut Regional du Genie Industriel des Biotechnologies et Sciences Appliques (IRGIB). In English, this means regional institute of industrial engineering, biotechnology & applied sciences. IRGIB Africa was originally founded in 2005, a year later the IRGIB-Africa University was officially opened. The university stands to be the first Private Institution who runs both a University and a Polytechnic standard of Education in Benin. IRGIB Africa University is a located research and training institute in Benin. It’s legatee of University and Polytechnic traditions of their military heraldry. Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of BENIN Republic IRGIB AFRICA is a bilingual institution comprising of the French and English section. The French section was operational in 2006, while the English section was operational in 2011.

The Regional Institute of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology and Applied Sciences (IRGIB- Africa) is a delocalized, neutral and open training and research institute, authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Benin.

Besides the initial professional training handed out to students and workers of the private and public sector, IRGIB-Africa also contributes to promoting the spirit of research and excellence in scientific, technological and economic sectors within the Economic Community of the West Africans States and African region. That is why we lay a great emphasis on the professionalization of courses. Crossroads of all due considerations of human, economic, financial and industrial evolution, and IRGIB-Africa’s motto is “With faith in God and fraternity, we learn to rise, we rise to defeat under-development.