Awgu Institute of Administration and Technology, formerly known as Institute of Construction & Engineering and Institute of Administration & Construction Technology is a non-profit making Institution approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and accredited by the National Board for Technical Education in 2007 as Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEl) and Vocational Enterprise Institution (VEI) to award National Innovation Diploma and National Vocational Certificates to deserving graduates of the Institution.


In January 2012, the Institute got affiliated to Enugu State University of Science & Technology and approval was given by the Senate of the University at its 231st Meeting held on 8th of June, 2011.

In April 2013, after an Inspection Visitation that was jointly carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and the National Board for Technical Education, the Hon. Minister of Education conveyed the approval of the Institute (Institute of Administration & Technology) to operate as a Vocational Enterprise Institution with effect from 25th February 2013 via a letter by the National Board for Technical Education dated 3rd April 2013.

Ref. No. TEB/PRO/VEI/162/VOL.1/021.

Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) award National Innovation Diploma and Higher National Innovation Diploma while Vocational Enterprise Institutions (VEIs) award National Vocational Certificates.

In June 2018, after several months of communications and visitations, the Institute struck partnership agreements with two top-most Universities in the Republic of Benin – IRGIB Africa University and West African Union University both in Cotonou. A similar partnership agreement was also struck a month earlier with the University of America, California, United States of America.

As the world increasingly becomes a global village through innovations and breakthroughs in technological development, collaborations and partnerships in our educational advancement and development cannot be over-emphasized and the nation’s educational policy must respond appropriately to these trends.

The introduction of Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) and Vocational Enterprises Institution (VEIs) in 2007 by the Federal Ministry of Education into the nation’s educational system was a step in the right direction.

Awgu Institute of Administration & Technology shall uncompromisingly adhere to the Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations stipulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and National Board for Technical Education which is the supervising body for Innovation and Vocational Enterprise Institutions.

A Sister School – Awgu College Of Medical Science & Health Technology was established in 2019/2020 Academic Year and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in May, 2021 with Reg. No. 1799213.

A Critique Workshop on the Curriculum for Paramedical Science & Emergency Technology was held between 25th July to 31st July, 2021 by the National Board for Technical Education as a prelude for its accreditation.